Your business survives on sales—but most women hate selling

I'll teach you how to grow your business by doing what comes naturally: 


Hi, I'm Amanda,
a Go-Giver Business Coach & Speaker

I help women stop doing stuff they hate to promote their business, and start leveraging their natural personality and talents to build ridiculously fulfilling lives.

In hundreds of coaching calls with women entrepreneurs, I've been listening to what you're up against. Stop me when it sounds familiar... 

I started my business with the best possible intention: to help people. So...where'd all the people go?

You know there's a need for your product or service—that's the whole reason your business exists. But finding your right customers, getting in front of them, and gaining their commitment to work with you has been a much bigger challenge than you expected.

The customers that have come my way are not, shall we say, ideal for what I'm trying to accomplish.

Discounting your products and services and running specials all over social media sounds like a great way to get the word out, but it only teaches people to discount your value and expect special favors from youlike working for them for free or accepting ridiculous conditions just because you need the work.

The experts I trusted and invested in showed me their best practices, but those didn't work for MY business.

Turns out, online funnels get clogged A LOT, and your pipeline only works if you keep consistently filling it and nurturing everyone in it...and if you knew how to do that, you wouldn't need an expert to show you how. Your business is as unique as you are, and your marketing & sales strategy should reflect that.

Interested in learning the most fulfilling way to do business (which happens to be the most profitable way, too?) Schedule a call and let's see if we're a good fit.

Organizers, your audience will get tremendous value from my talks if they’re looking to:

  • Discover new ways to provide exceptional value, expand their influence, and dramatically increase their income

  • Re-think what selling is, and how incredibly good it can (and should!) feel for the buyer and the seller

  • Increase their influence and leadership skills with simple, yet highly effective communication methods that begin AND end with a win-win for all involved

  • Recession-proof their business by easily generating a constant stream of interested and eager referrals

  • Maintain professionalism in a confrontation and turn their adversary into an ally with 8 [magical] key words



Ladies, here's a not so fun fact: 91% of people say they would give a referral, yet only 11% of us ask for them.

You have not because you ask not...and you ask not because it feels awkward. Let’s change that. Whether you’ve been in business for 1 day or 1 decade, at my workshops you’ll learn exactly how to:


  • Cultivate a network of endless referrals (because that list of your 200 closest acquaintances only gets you so far)


  • Establish the quintessential know, like, and trust factor with prospects light years faster than you are now


  • Dramatically increase sales in any type of business, and in any market, quickly


I'll show you how to never run out of high-quality sales prospects again—regardless of the economic climate—with this timeless, proven methodology.

If you’ve done all the courses and the thought of doing one more Ideal Client Avatar exercise makes you want to re-quarantine for another month or 12, you’re probably ready for a deeper commitment.

I’ll work with you privately to:


  • Discover exactly what’s blocking your potential for the success you want and know you should have (Don’t worry, it’s not always mindset/subconscious stuff. I promise you won't need a therapist after.)


  • Help you see around corners, avoid costly blind spots, and move into your next levels without unnecessary growing pains


  • Develop and implement a completely customized strategic plan for consistently generating and converting high-quality prospects, delivering exceptional value that invites oceans of referrals, and optimizing your systems and processes so you’re running your business, rather than allowing it to run you




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