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Build Your Legacy, $100k at a time.

A masterclass in launching, growing, and scaling your dream business without blogging or building a huge list


I'm Amanda

Business Development Coach

for Women Entrepreneurs

If you're looking for solid info on how to grow your business online and you see a sentence beginning, "The conventional wisdom is ...", then STOP READING. Nothing after that will be satisfying to you, because you want MORE.
After all, the "conventional wisdom" says to give away a bunch of free ideas and services so you can build your list and start getting referrals. Which sounds perfectly reasonable—until you realize your list only cares about getting more free stuff, and your referrals are so few and far between that you don't dare rely on them to pay your bills.
So you take to social media because that's where all your clients live, and you spend time creating and sharing content that will get maximum engagement—but then you become very aware of the fact that likes and follows do not equal paying clients.
I know how discouraging that can feel, especially after you were so thrilled to strike out on your own and really start serving and making an impact with those who most need what you have to give.
So, let's talk. I'll share with you a proven method to legitimately make your first (and next, and next...) $100k without blogging, churning out tons of content, or living on social media. It's full of hard-earned wisdom and most certainly does NOT follow convention.
Click below to watch the masterclass and be inspired. Then, let's hop on the phone and find out: what's possible for you, if you could do what you want in a better, easier, and faster way than you currently know how?

Learn How To:


Uncover the root cause of what's NOT working in your business, and why


Define what success means to you—and what's required of you to achieve it


Duplicate the proven business model of an expert who grew her own service business to multi-millions, $100k at a time

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M. S., Arizona

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About Me

I help women entrepreneurs develop and elevate their businesses.
I specialize in uncovering subconscious blocks and getting to the root of whatever has been holding you back, and then lead you into your bright future. 
You'll benefit from a breakthrough session with me if:
  • you’re looking to launch, scale, or sell your coaching, consulting, speaking, or professional service business
  • your marketing is all over the place and you’re not getting enough clients or making enough money
  • you’re running yourself ragged trying to do it all yourself and customizing every client engagement
  • you’re not growing as quickly as you expected
  • you’re stuck and in need of fresh ideas and strategies, particularly around marketing, pricing, and strategic planning
My coaching centers around topics of particular importance to women entrepreneurs, who are boldly building a business while raising a family and trying to balance incessant demands on their time and resources. 
I work exclusively with service-based businesses, such as coaches, creatives, speakers, and professional consultants. My clients experience accelerated results because I draw their attention away from conventional lead generation methods, such as creating tons of content and building a big email list and/or social following, and refocus their attention on a proven system with high-impact, high ROI strategies for exponential growth.
I am fully invested in my clients’ success and I require that they be as well, or I will decline to work with them. You only want me if you are 100% committed, coachable, and resourceful, and are serious about growing a bigger, more profitable, and someday sellable business. 
If you’re beyond ready to take your business to the next level, email me and let’s discuss how we can work together.