Does it take a long time to see results applying the Go-Giver principles?

Updated: Apr 22

It's counter-intuitive to think that taking time to build valuable relationships with people will result in quick sales. But actually, being a giving person is how you become successful, not the other way around. You don't have to have a lot of money to be a giving person; the process starts by adding value to other people's lives, right now, in any way you can, and it builds from there.

Always try to consider your prospective client's perspective: You can have all the belief in the world about your product or service, but if you're presenting it to your prospect with "sales breath"--meaning, you're doing most of the talking in the conversation, and mostly about the features and benefits and wonderfulness of the thing that you're selling, before you know if they even really need it--then they'll pick up on that right away. Your desperation to make the sale NOW, even if it's unconscious, will trigger their buyer defenses, and you've lost that sale completely.

On the other hand, if you approach that same prospect from a place of genuine interest and curiosity, you ask thoughtful questions that take their other considerations into account beyond this surface-level need, you listen intently in a way that makes them feel seen, heard, and understood, and recommend the solution you think is best based on the value it provides them, specifically... See the difference? Then, not only have you made that sale, but you've made a friend who will be happy to tell their other friends about you--because most people simply do not make them feel that way, especially in a sales setting.

Go-Givers sell more because we intentionally focus on giving value to the other person, rather than focusing on what we're selling. Shifting our focus on the prospect and effectively communicating value to them is the best way to have a sale happen now, and lay the foundation for future sales at the same time.

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