Is a Go-Giver just a good person -OR- I’m already giving but it’s not making me any money!

Updated: Apr 22

First let’s clarify one thing: money is not a measure of your goodness or worthiness; it's a measure of your impact.

Being a Go-Giver doesn't preclude dedicated effort and a sound business plan. And it doesn't mean simply doing random good deeds and expecting to be rewarded for them; doing good deeds is a wonderful thing, but that's not a business strategy.

Of course you want to be your naturally generous self, but especially where your business is concerned, you also need to be intentional by doing the right things, for the right reasons, in the right order; and when you follow all five of the Go-Giver principles together in conjunction--not just one, two, three, or even four of them, but all five--you can’t help but be successful. These principles aren't magic--genuine success still takes work. But it’s work that feels 100% natural to you.

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