What other kinds of businesses use the Go-Giver principles successfully?

Updated: Apr 22

Pretty much any company that has had sustained profitability embraces all Five Laws contained in the Go-Giver. That doesn’t mean they learned them from the book. Many of these companies have been in business for a long time; long before the book came out. But, they were applying these Laws.

My favorite example is Publix, my neighborhood grocery store. Here’s how I see them applying the Go-Giver principles:

1. They give me more in value than they take from me in payment, or at least it feels that way when they hand me my (long) receipt and point out that I just scored $400 worth of groceries for $200, thanks to their BOGOs.

2. They touch my life with their heartwarming holiday TV commercials, year after year. I dare you not to tear up when they show that son home from college choosing to stay home and bake a pie with his mom instead of going out with his buddies.

3. They put my needs as a customer ahead of their own. They know that I could just as easily go right across the street to their competitor, so they lay the groundwork for me to have a consistently pleasant experience long before I visit by emailing me helpful weekly ads and coupons.

4. They are authentic. You can't fake the emotion behind those commercials, y'all. At least not for very long, and the way they take care of their employees results in their employees genuinely caring about me.

5. They are able to receive in abundance. This was never more clear to me than during the COVID epidemic. They handled the supply and demand challenges as artfully as anyone, but more importantly they made it easy for me to buy what I needed from them, and therefore made it easy for them to receive my money, repeatedly. Whether it was paying with their app at the register when I discovered I'd left my wallet at home after the cashier had rung up my order, or swiftly implementing grocery pickup and home delivery for single moms like me, who couldn't in good conscious take my kids out shopping with me, but couldn't leave them home either.

The key is doing all five. The Five Laws apply equally for major corporations, medium-sized businesses, small businesses, freelancers--it doesn't matter. My stepmom made Rookie Realtor of the Year doing these things. Your local craft brewery may be small but mighty with less than 300 employees, but it gives through its environmental initiatives and generous employee stock plan. Southwest Airlines can credit 40 consecutive years of profitability to this philosophy.

Honestly, the only time a company can make a lot of money without following these laws is if they are NOT operating in a free-market environment where corruption and cronyism rule, not capitalism.

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